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Madam Big Flea Notes


2020 Supreme Flea Scratch

It is my honor to invite all Fleas and Flea Wannabees to the Supreme Scratch at the National MCL/MCLA Convention August 9 -14 at Daytona Beach, Florida. Please be sure to register and make your reservations early by logging on to the national website. The Scratch time and place will be listed on the agenda.

The Scratch theme this year is anything military, so think M*A*S*H, Rosie the Riveter, Beetle Bailey or whatever you can find in your Marine’s closet. We will “pester the Dogs in an honorable manner of good clean fun and frivolity and make every effort to raise funds to support honorable, noteworthy causes.” Please visit the Flea website at and order a Flea Ritual manual for additional information. 

If you are a Flea, don’t forget to nominate a worthy sister Flea for the National Flea of the Year award.  Criteria for this award is listed in the manual.  And finally, don’t forget your passport and your dues. If you are a current officer, please be familiar with your role and/or responsibilities. I am looking forward to seeing you there.

“Semper Mordendi” (always biting),

Joyce Brickett

National Madam Big Flea 2019-2020


Smart Flea Notes


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From the Scratchy Flea


Questions about your Flea dues? Present, past and future Fleas - in order to maintain your membership in the Military Order of the Devil Dog Fleas, all unpaid dues should be sent to Twila Gensel. Please e-mail for the address. Use MODDF in the subject line. .