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Hello Fleas,

Updates for MODDF as result of current issues...

 On a recommendation from Madam National MCLA President Evelyn Joppa, and as stated in the Flea Bylaws Article I (Organization) section IA and Aricle III   (Administration) section 7, a National Council was formed with Flea members appointed by myself.  This council was formed due to the unusual issues we faced as a result of the cancellation of the 2020 National Convention.  Council members are Evelyn (next Big Flea), Tracey Killinger, Twila Gensel, Dottie Scanning, Colleen English, Barb Nobile, Darlene MacCubbin, Rogene Hackbarth, Viola Trevino, Antonia Hurtado and myself. 

 The Flea National Council was advised and a vote was taken (for the Good of the Order).All agreed ..."to be consistent with the Auxiliary".  Previously, a special bulletin was sent out  stating that as a result of a vote taken by the MCLA National Board of Trustees on 4-16-2020, "All National Board members will retain their current position and duties until the next scheduled election". So..all officers and appointees of the 2020 MODD Fleas will remain the same until the 2021 National MCL/MCLA Convention 

 I hope everyone agrees and understands.  Please let me know if you have questions.  Enjoy the rest of the summer, stay safe and healthy and we will look forward to an improved 2021.

Semper Mordendi

Joyce Brickett
Madam Big Flea

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Questions about your Flea dues? Present, past and future Fleas - in order to maintain your membership in the Military Order of the Devil Dog Fleas, all unpaid dues should be sent to Twila Gensel. Please e-mail for the address. Use MODDF in the subject line. .