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We had a wonderful Supreme Scratch in Billings, Montana, at the National Convention thanks to Past Madam Big Flea Dotty Sanning and her team. There were many creative outfits, and this adds so much to the flea frivolity. Now it is time to say good-bye to that 2018-2019 team, but first I want to thank them all for their efforts and successful term and for a flea fabulous year. It is also time for me to introduce myself. I have faithfully climbed the fun flight of steps to the top to become Madam Big Flea for 2019-2020. My flea theme for this term is going to be anything military…so think M*A*S*H, Beetle Bailey, Rosie the Riveter, G.I. Joe (or Jane) or any character that suits your flea fancy. We have an excellent team working together to fix us up with a fine Scratch at Daytona Beach in 2020. I hope everyone has made their reservations by going to the National MCL website. Those Fleas who were present at our Scratch in Billings and who will be moving up if present at Daytona Beach are… (notes from my trusty recorder so corrections appreciated)

Madam Big Flea: Joyce Brickett Medium Flea: Evelyn Joppa Little Flea: Susan Douglas Smart Flea: Vickie Brown Scrappy Flea: Linda Chamberlain Holy Flea: Viola Trevino Police Flea: Toni Hurtado Studious Flea: Julie Jirovsky Waggy Flea: Mitzi Abeyta No Name Flea: Jan Crowe Trusty Flea #1: Leona Rowley Trusty Flea #2: Deborah Stone Trusty Flea #3: Debby Krueger Scratchy Flea: Twila Gensel, Assistant Flea: Tracey Killinger Shopper Flea: Darlene MacCubbin

Please contact Twila with questions concerning Flea membership dues at A big shout-out congratulations to our current Flea of the Year: Rogene Hackbarth! So in good faith, praise, acts of kindness and in merriment, frivolity and good clean fun…

Sincerely, Madam Big Flea, Joyce Brickett

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Questions about your Flea dues? Present, past and future Fleas - in order to maintain your membership in the Military Order of the Devil Dog Fleas, all unpaid dues should be sent to Twila Gensel. Please e-mail for the address. Use MODDF in the subject line.

Thank you.

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