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We are the Fun and Honor Society of the Marine Corps League Auxiliary

The object of Military Order of Devil Dog Fleas is to be patriotic, fraternal and entertaining, to promote loyal and unselfish service, to promote good fellowship through fun and companionship with the Devil Dogs and the Devil Dog Fleas and To further promote, perpetuate, and honor the memory of all who have passed on to their eternal rest.


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Your involvement is vital to the success of each one of our Marine Corps League Auxiliary Units, Military Order of Devil Dog Fleas Hides.

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Greetings all Fleas

Thank you for the honor of serving as Big Flea for this year!  I look forward to new growth in our flea hides and lots of fun times doing our duty as fleas. Join us at the National Supreme Scratch at the 99th National Convention in Daytona Beach Florida August 11-20th, 2022.

Start your engines and get your Mad Hatter Hat ready for the Supreme Scratch. I am told this is not a tea party. It is a Mad Hatter event. The team of fleas putting this event together have vast experience and are not even giving me a hint as to what they have in store. Judging from the past it will no doubt be outstanding.

I want to thank the past Scratchy Flea Twila Gensel for her service to the National Hide and welcome the New Scratchy Flea Dotty Sanning and assistant Marty Kline.

Remember my door is always open if you have questions please call.

Evelyn Joppa

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Dont let your EIN (Employer Identifaction Number) be revoked by the IRS, it could cost your Hide lots of money to get it reinstated. Dont wait do it today.

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