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Your involvement is vital to the success of each one of our Hides, Units and our Organization. It takes each and every one of us pulling together to get the important work done of serving our Veterans, our families, our communities, and our country.


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Welcome Ladies, Gentlemen, Friends and Family to the National Military Order of Devil Dog Fleas website. We are a fun and honor society of the Marine Corps League Auxiliary.



The object of Military Order of Devil Dog Fleas is to bepatriotic, fraternal and entertaining, to promote loyal and unselfish service, to promote good fellowship through fun and companionship with the Devil Dogs and the Devil Dog Fleas and To further promote, perpetuate, and honor the memory of all who have passed on to their eternal rest.

We encourage you to browse around this web site for information and updates related to the Military Order of Devil Dog Fleas. This web site was put into place for better communications between National Hide, Department Hides, Unit Hides and the Membership at all levels.




History of the U.S. Marines

Marines the Few the Proud Semper Fidelis/Always Faithful